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India – the name conjures up images of mysticism and maharajas, tigers and elephants, Gandhi and the British Raj… But there’s much more to India, a country of endless variety that offers you a stupendous range of colurs, scents, styles, customs, languages, architecture and geography. Visiting India is like visiting several countries rolled into one. The diversity of India’s geography, climate, history and culture ensures that whatever you are seeking – whether it be sun and sand or mountains and snow, historical sightseeing or adventure holidays or an ever-changing human panorama with different languages, racial characteristics, customs, religions, social norms and lifestyles – can be found in India at any time of the year.
1If you have a sense of history you will love the legendary palaces, temples and forts. If you enjoy cultural traditions you can see a spectacular music, dance and folklore show almost every day of the year. If you are into adventure, you can choose from rafting, gliding, trekking and desert safaris. Or go tracking wildlife in one of India’s numerous forest reserves. Whether you want an inexpensive holiday or you want to experience the luxury of staying in a Maharaja’s palace, your travel agent can tailor packages to suit every budget and every taste. And talking of taste, eating in different parts of India, with its many highly refined regional cuisines, is yet another voyage of discovery. And the shopping is equally varied, with an amazing array of arts, crafts and materials, often at bargain prices. English is widely spoken and serves as a link language all over the country.
2All you normally need to travel to India is a valid passport and visa. No vaccination certificate is required except for people travelling to India from certain African and South American countries where yellow fever is endemic. A special licence is required to photograph protected monuments using a flash and tripod. If you have stayed in India for more than 90 days, an income tax clearance form would be required when leaving the country. An airport tax of Rupees 750 has to be paid on departure. There are some conditions for bringing in certain personal goods such as film, video cameras, liquor, tobacco and weapons, while all high value articles and professional materials must be declared on arrival and re-exported on departure. All India is on the same time, GMT + 5 hours 30 minutes, throughout the year. Voltage is 220 AC 50 cycles and effective international telephone and postal connections are available almost everywhere.