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 Please note that Embassy has not hired any agent/service provider for any of the consular services. We take applications directly from the applicant, therefore, please do not approach any agent for any of the consular matters.

Timings: Applications are received between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon, Tuesday and Thursday. Normal processing time is three working days. Documents can be collected between 4pm to 5pm, Tuesday and Thursday. Please book your appointment here: https://www.eoibudapest.gov.in/page/appointment-for-visa-consular-passport/.

Mandatory documents for Consular Services

Please always bring  copies and original of following documents along with two recent passport size colour photographs:

1. Passport 2. Hungarian Identity Card 3. Hungarian Residence Permit 4. Employment Certificate/Student Certificate 

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Attestation of documents
Commercial documents for import/export purposes are attested after these are attested by the Hungarian chamber of commerce and the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Fees for documents required in connection with import from India are HUF 6650 (Hungarian Forint Six Thousand Two Hundred) per document and fees for exports to India are HUF 15950(Hungarian Forint Fifteen Thousand Five Hundred) per document.

Bachelorhood Certificate

A Certificate of bachelorhood/single-status/eligibility to get married can be issued by a competent court having jurisdiction of the area of the residential address of the applicant. This can be in the form of a declaratory order for which a suit has to be filed before the appropriate court for the specific purpose which is required to be counter-attested by the Home Department of the State concerned. Thereafter, it is to be attested/apostilled by the Attestation Section of the Consular, Passport & Visa (CPV) Division of the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.

Please note that Embassy is not authorised to issue "No objection to Marriage" or "Bachelorhood Certficate" or "Single Status Certificate".

Other services
Other consular services available include Police Clearance Certificates for specific purposes, attestation of civil and legal documents, attestation of educational certificates of Indian students resident in Hungary, issue of birth certificates to children of Indian nationals borne in Hungary, etc. Specific query may be obtained from Consular officer (email:- cons.budapest@mea.gov.in).

Registration of Indian nationals
All Indian nationals are advised to register themselves with the Indian Embassy. This will facilitate better interaction with the Embassy and would also prove useful in rendering faster consular services.

 Holders of all Indian hand-written passports are kindly requested to get a new Machine-Readable Passport as the hand-written ones would not be valid for travel beyond November 2014.

  2018 Feb 9: Advisory on Fraud Calls


An “Open House” on the first Monday of every month from 1500 hrs – 1630 hrs will be held at the Embassy. Any person with a petition or unresolved issue, including consular or visa issues, that he/she would like to raise, is welcome to attend the “Open House” as scheduled above. In case the Embassy is closed on that day due to an official holiday, then the Open House will be held the following day at the same time.

The issues may also be brought to the attention of Ambassador directly by email, which can be sent on the email ID:amboffice.budapest@mea.gov.in 

EMERGENCY ISSUES (for Indian nationals only):

In the case of emergency or distress either of the following officials can be contacted:

  • Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Attache (Consular)  Mobile +36-30-276-5699
  • Mr. Amrendra Jha, Assistant Consular Officer, Mobile: +36308517373

Emergency Medical Services available in Budapest (Hungary) 24X7

SOS Hungary (Emergency Medical Service and Assistance)
Tel: (0036)-1-240-0475

Swiss Clinic (Emergency Medical Services)
Tel: (0036)-30-992-0387