About Us Know India Programme 2022-2023

Know India Programme 2022-2023

Know India Programme (KIP) is a flagship initiative for Diaspora engagement which familiarizes Indian-origin youth (18-30 years) with their Indian roots and contemporary India, through a three-week orientation programme organised by the Ministry. 59 KIPs have been organised successfully since 2003 in parnership with different States and countries. It has been decided to organise 6 KIPs between August 2022 and February 2023. Three (3) KIPs (60th, 61st & 62nd) have been announced and an online portal (kip.gov.in) for Know India Programme can be accessed by Indian-origin youth to submit their applications online for participation in the KIP.  A maximum of 40 Indian Diaspora youth are selected for each programme and provided full hospitality in India with 90% of the total cost of international airfare.

Further details are available on kip.gov.in.

Source: https://mea.gov.in/know-india-programme.htm