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HOM from JS (XP)

1. India Perspective (IP) is a flagship magazine of the Ministry brought out in 16 languages with readership across the world.  A decision was taken sometime back to revisit the existing template of IP in the context of newer technologies available for dissemination of information and enhancing the footprint of the magazine.  Since then, XPD Division has been working to update the content of the magazine and also to come up with a digital version of the magazine for easy sharing and ease of reading the articles. 

2.     The process of revamping the IP which was done with the support of an external consultant is now complete.  The IP will be available to all the Missions and Posts on a device responsive website (can be accessed on desktop, tablets and mobile phones).  The new IP has updated content including sections on economy, innovation, inspiration, science and technology, art, travel, sports, cinema, heritage, cuisine and success stories.  The other regular feature of our partnership in foreign policy will continue to be there.  IP will continue to be a bi-monthly publication. 

3.     The new IP will be available in two versions of 92 pages and 96 pages with different resolutions available for the Missions to download on the website www.indiaperspectives.gov.in.  

4.The 92 pages format is for those Missions who may like to download the magazine in the original format.  Once downloaded, the magazine can be printed locally by the Mission/Post, e-mailed to the list of contacts and can also be shared via social media platforms.  

5.In the 96 pages format, Mission have the flexibility of adding local content related to the Mission in four pages in the language of their area.  This updated version of 96 pages can then be downloaded by the Missions/Posts in two formats – lower resolution for distribution by e-mail and social media platforms and high resolution for local printing and dispatch.  Detailed user guidelines on how to add content to the 92 pages format is attached separately.

6.     The new IP is required to be tested on all parameters before it is launched across the globe.  Select Missions have been identified for the purpose and your Mission is one of them.  It is requested that your Mission may carry out intensive testing of all the features and give your inputs on the same for inclusion and necessary modification. Login credentials to access the ‘Mission Corner’ are as follows:

Username - < >

Password - < >

7.     Mission may note that the present website is ready with 11 languages except Mandarin, Hindi, Tamil, Japanese and Sinhalese which will be updated shortly.

8.     Grateful for your response by 20th August so that final version of the e-version of IP can go live soon after incorporating your suggestion and feedback.  For any technical query, you may wish to contact Col. Rajat Bhatnagar, OSD(PD) at osdpd@meaindia.in or Maxposure Media Ltd. at jayita@maxposuremedia.com. 

(Raveesh Kumar)