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Press Release: Ayurveda Day 2022

Posted on: November 23, 2022 | Back | Print

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Press Release
Ayurveda Day 2022

       The Ayurveda Day was celebrated at the Embassy of India Budapest on 18 November 2022 in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Miskolc. It was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary, FAO UN and other officials as well as ITEC/ICCR alumni, yoga and Ayurveda practitioners as well as Hungarians interested in alternative systems of medicine. 

       The event started with the welcome speech by Ambassador Shri Partha Satpathy.

The Ambassador gave a broad overview of the importance of Ayurveda and how it could contribute to an integrative system of medicine.  He said more needs to be done to get Ayurveda into the mainstream of western medicine and pharmacopeia as most of the Ayurveda medicines are at present only being sold as supplements.

He emphasized that the Government of India has renewed its focus on strengthening education and research in Ayurveda as well as promoting this natural system of medicine for holistic health as well as for promotingsustainable living practices.  

       A presentation was delivered by Dr. Iván Szalkai, Head of the Ayurveda Training at University of Miskolc on the title ‘ Ayurveda as a game changer in modern medicine’.  Dr. Szalkai’s presentation showed how Ayurveda is as good a science as any western medicine and could be a possible reformer of modern medicine.  He highlighted that Ayurveda is a philosophy and it is about the relationship between the individual and the environment. It treats each and every person individuallybased on one’s body type and personalityHe further explained how diet is important in the Ayurvedic treatment. Following his lecture, two of his students held presentations. One by Ms. Dóra Pinviczky, talked about the effectiveness of Ayurveda in digestion, the Gut-Brain connection and the Ayurvedic strategies to maintain a healthy immune system. The other presenter Ms. Linda Jorgov talkedabout how Ayurveda helps in long-term Covid symptoms, showing how some Ayurvedic practices could help in daily care of our health. The event ended with another brief presentation of Dr. Iván Szalkai about the panchakarma therapy and its use in everyday life.

       On this occasion, Mission also set up an Ayurveda corner (Ayush Information Cell) where with the help of Dr Shajahan, Ayurveda Doctor, participants could familiarize themselves with several Ayurveda products and their uses. Publicity materials on Ayush were distributed to the guests. Books on Ayurveda were also displayed and Ayurveda students and enthusiasts expressed interest in buying such books.  Embassy informed that such books could be borrowed from the Embassy Library.