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Conference and Expo: 16th Urban Mobility India 27-29 Oct 2023

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The annual Urban Mobility India (UMI) Conference and Expo is a flagship event held under the aegis of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India. The event is inaugurated by Hon’ble Union Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs. The genesis of UMI is from the National Urban Transport Policy of the Government of India, 2006 (NUTP), which lays a very strong emphasis on building capabilities at the State and city level to address the problems associated with urban transport and undertake the task of developing sustainable urban transport systems. The event essentially has four components as below:

The primary objective of the conference is to disseminate information to the cities, whose officials attend the conference, and to help them keep up-to-date with best urban transport practices. The conference provides an opportunity for key decision makers and delegates to interact with other professionals, experts, academia, industry, civil society, technology, services providers and other stake holders in Urban Transport both domestic and international so that the delegates can carry home ideas to develop their urban transport along a sustainable path. It is also a forum to discuss key issues relevant to the sector and suggest measures to address them.

The expo is a special feature of UMI to disseminate and showcase the latest developments in urban transport technology and systems, implementation of best transport projects, propagation of innovative ideas, good urban transport initiatives and practices in the field. The best exhibitors are selected by a jury for award.

The Research symposium provides a platform to highlight the current research carried out by academia and research institutes in urban transport, especially by young researchers pursuing post graduation or Ph.D. programs. The best research papers are selected by a jury for award.

Awards for Excellence in Urban Transport
Awards are also presented by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to best urban transport projects / initiatives selected by an Award Selection Committee. In UMI-22 awards will be given to the best entries in the following 12 areas :
I. City with the Most Sustainable Transport System;
II. City with the Best Public Transport System;
III. City with the Best Non-Motorized Transport System;
IV. City with the Best Safety and Security System & Record;
V. City with the Best Intelligent Transport System (ITS);
VI. City with the Most Innovative Financing Mechanism;
VII. City with Best Record of Public Involvement in its Transport Planning;
VIII. City with the Best Freight Transport System;
IX. City with the Best Green Transport Initiative;
X. Metro Rail with the Best Multimodal Integration;
XI. Metro Rail with the Best Passenger Services and Satisfaction;
XII. Running trophy for the State / UT, which has Implemented Best Urban Transport Projects during the previous year.

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