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Indian Nationals in Hungary to fill below form with details

Posted on: March 22, 2022 | Back | Print


Dear Sir, Madam,

Embassy  of India, Budapest  wishes to inform you that although the evacuation  of Indian  students/citizens from Ukraine was a big success, one of the  lessons  learned was that there was a huge information gap regarding the  names,  contacts and locations of the persons, which made it quite  difficult to  assess how many are there and how many have already left  and how many  require help in the evacuation. Although information on  best possible  routes of evacuation was shared on Facebook and WhatsApp,  but Embassy  had no way of directly contacting and sending messages to  the persons.  It was not possible to assess how many evacuees would be  coming through  Zahony and how many groups would be going through  different border  crossings. This all led to logistical difficulties.

As   per the above, Embassy of India, Budapest has decided that it should   create a database of Indian nationals in Hungary with their contact and   passport details so as to be able to assess how many Indian nationals   there are, where they are located, what their details are. Using this   database, Embassy of India would be in a position to contact the  persons  in case of any emergency.

For this reason Embassy created an online Google Forms in which the following data is requested from all Indian nationals.

We request all Indian nationals to fill the above form with updated & correct information for our database.


Embassy of India in Hungary