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Application Forms

Passport Services
S. No Type of Form Pdf Document
1 OLD Application form for Indian passport (English) (Now Withdrawn)
– Word document format
2 Specimen Affidavit for Duplicate Passport/Emergency Certificate
– Word document format
3 Application form for miscellaneous services on Indian passports (English)


S. No Type of Form Pdf Document
1 Registration form for Indian nationals and persons of Indian origin (English)
– Word document format


Consular Services
S. No Type of Form Pdf Document
1 Application for Registration of birth of child (English)
2 Application for Police clearance certificate (English)

3 Application for Miscellaneous Services (English)
4 Miscellaneous form
5 Declaration of parent/ legal guardian of minor (English) Annexure-D-for-Minor-applicant.pdf
6 Renunciation of Indian Citizenship
– Word document format


Specimen Affidavits
S. No Type of Form Pdf Document
1 Change of surname in Passport after Marriage (English)
2 Specimen Affidavit for Change of Name (English)
3 Specimen Affidavit to be submitted by the Parent who is abroad for Minor Passport Applicant (English)
4 Specimen Affidavit for lost / damaged passport (English)
5 Specimen Affidavit for duplicate passport / Emergency certificate
– Word document format