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First workshops of TIC Workshop 2018-2019 on 8th Dec, 2018

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Dear Friends of India,

As conceived by the ICCR New Delhi the Teaching in INDIAN Culture #TIC an indelible part of the Yoga course at India in Hungary (Embassy of India, Budapest) Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Center , first workshop kickstarted on 8th December, 2018,with  Indologist Katalin Aklan, Ankita Sood and with Mis Tanuja Shankar, Dir(ASCC) successfully at Budapest India in Hungary (Indiai Kulturális Központ)

TIC WORKSHOP – 8th December 2018 (9-11.30 am)

9.00- 9.15 AM - Session starts by Pratasmarami Shlok with Handouts +Explanation in Eng/Hung & Opening of session – Director

9.15- 9.45 AM Quick Suryanamaskar with mantras & explanation of each Aasan by Ankita Sood

9.45- 10.15 AM Importance of stories from Upanishad in today’s times by Katalin Aklan Indologist

10.15-10.45 AM Why are Mantras imp for us?  + Mantrochar- Gayatri Mantra with meaning Director /Katalin Aklan Indologist

10.45-11 AM 4 Pillars of Yoga by Ankita Sood with demo

11-11.30 AM  Yogic Snacks & Interaction

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