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Tender: MHA - Supply,/Installation/Commissioning of RT PCR for Central Forensic Laboratories at Bhopal, Chandigarh, Kamrup-Assam, kolkata, and Pune

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Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs
PtJl Division (Procurement Wing)
Jalsalmer House, 26·Man Singh Road,
New Delhi -110 011
Tel-No. 91·011·23387306 Fax No. 91·011·23386764
Email: Dc1.Procur-Mha@Gov.ln

Online Bids are invited for and on behalf of the President of India, through two bid system, (Technical and Financial) for supply/installation/commissioning of "RT PCR" for Central Forensic Laboratories at (i) Bhopal (ii) Chandigarh (iii) Karnrup- Assam (iv) Kolkata and (v) Pune as per details in the schedule to tender as per details given below:

(a) 05 Units @ 01 unit each for CFSLs at Bhopal, Kamrup Assam, Chandigarh, Kolkata and Pune&
(b) 05 units for CFSL Chandigarh under "Nirbhaya Fund".
Total = 10 {Ten) units.

2.    The conditions of Contract, will be governed by GFR-2017 and Manual for Procurement of Goods-2017 published by Ministry of Finance. Complete Tender documents can be downloaded FREE OF COST. Any special conditions attached to this invitation to tender will also form part of the conditions. The details can be seen at website https://eprocure.qov.in/eprocure/app and official web site of MHA ie. www.mha.gov.in.

3.    Copies of GFR - 2017 and Manual for Procurement of Goods-2017 published by Ministry of Finance from website of Ministry of Finance.

4.    If you are in a position to quote for supply in accordance with the requirements stated in the attached Schedule to Tender, all documents attached herewith should be duly filled in (wherever

necessary), signed and scanned copy of the same should be uploaded while submitting on!ine tenders.

5.    This bid documents consists of various documents mentioned in Index.