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A Hungarian company is seeking importers and distributors in India    for its anti-fungal product Higen+99 (liquid and powder form)   

    Name: ECOWIAN Magyarorszag Kft.
    Address: 1026 Budapest Pázsit u. 20
    Contact: Mr. Sandor Gyulay, Sales Advisor
    E: sandor.gyulay@ecowian.com
    W: https://ecowian.com/

    About the product:   

 The Ecowian Higén +99 is based on Hypochlorous acid which can be  produced by electrolysis, and was already used during the First  World War to avoid wound infection. As a highly unstable molecule, its efficiency decreases rapidly after production. To maintain its  spectrum of action, we need to maintain a minimum concentration of 350 ppm, whithout talking about reduced efficiency. Thus, the    previously available solutions allowed it to use only “in situ”  immediately after production, which presupposes the existence of an  expensive and space-consuming equipment.

 Ecowian's innovation is that we can stabilize the formula and bottle it with a 180-day shelf life, making it efficient to use and  available anywhere, in any application. For easier transportation    over long distances the same formula we offer in powderized and concetrated form with shelf life of 2 years.

 The invention of Istvan Kormendi is the Higén+99 formula, which is  based on the substance found in the white blood cells of the human    body, hypochlorous acid. It is produced by our immune system as the  first line of defense at scars to fight infections, from the  salt  and water found in us. We also make this extremely simple, yet  wide-spectrum (bactericide, fungicid, virucide, algicide) solution  available to ensure the hygiene of our external environment. The fact that the active ingredient is not unknown to our body - as it    produces it itself - assures us that neither the users, nor the    disinfected surface, nor nature will be harmed during its  application: the Hygiene + 99 formula after it has worked,  decomposes to salt and water.

 Our products are tested, licensed and already in use in many  countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The approvals   (Biocide Pt1, Pt2, Pt3, Pt4, Pt5 (from hand-sanitizer and hospital    grade disinfectant to potable water treatment and agricultural and  farming product groups), licenses and various laboratory test  results on its broad spectrum virucide, bactericide, fungicid,  algicide effects are available at https://ecowian.com/HU/