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Important notice for Indian students & Indian citizens in Hungary and BiH

Posted on: July 10, 2020 | Back | Print

Government of India has been undertaking VBM operation for evacuation of Indian citizens from foreign countries. Already 4 phases of VBM has been completed and a large number of Indians in Hungary have availed this facility to reach India. Many Indians, expecially students, were not able to avail this facility. You are requested to register here at the below link if you need Embassy's facilitation for permission of your extended stay here in Hungary or BiH and your visas are expiring soon in near future. Please note that the booking of flights, including VBM flights, for travel to India has to be done by the individual directly as soon as any flights are available.

Register here if your visa is expiring soon and you need Embassy's facilitation for extension of stay permission in Hungary or BiH