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Unveiling Gandhi & Tagore bust in Milici, Bosnia-Herzegovina on 4 September 2018

Posted on: September 06, 2018 | Back | Print

First to organise a prelude to the auspicious celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi commencing on 2nd October, Ambassador Rahul Chhabra unveiled the bust of Gandhiji and Rabindranath Tagore in the Park of the Greats of the city of Milici, Bosnia-Herzegovina on 4 September 2018. The Park created by the local company ’Boksit’ to express their gratitude to the prominent figures who contributed immeasurably to the development of human civilization features five separate exhibits: Park of Serbian, Russian, European, Chinese and the most recently added Indian Greats represented by Mahatma Gandhiji and Rabindranath Tagore. Amongst the 44 busts Aristotle, da Vinci, Einstein, Tesla, Tolstoy, Gagarin etc. have found a home to enrich the beautiful, green park in Milici.

Mr. Rajko Dukic, MA, President of ’Boksit’ joined Ambassador to unveil and present together the new additions to the Park. The joyous occasion marks not only the beginning of the celebration of the Mahatma’s birthday, but also the Year of Non-Violence declared by the UN in honour of one of the greatest leader in modern Indian history. In his speech Ambassador emphasized the significance of India’s journey to freedom through non-violence headed by Gandhiji and presented this path to lead by example to all the nations currently suffering from conflicts.

The event was also attended by Mr. Momir Lazarevic, Mayor of Milici, Mr. Branislav Novakovic, President of the Minicipality Assembly of Milici, Mr. Radovan Viskovic, Member of the Parliament and Ms. Gordana Zaric, CEO and JSC of Boisit, Milici.

At the end of the official ceremony Ambassador presented Mr. Rajko Dukic with a certificate to thank him for his efforts in installing the busts of the two great Indian leaders which has contributed immensely to strengthening the friendship between the two nations.

The ceremony was followed by an evening of Indian culture featuring a classical Indian music concert by the duo of Mr. Zoltán Lantos (violin) and Mr. Rajesh Gangani (tabla), an enchanting Kathak performance by Ms. Sonali Roy and a film screening.