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India Hungary Dialogue Series Launch

Posted on: November 17, 2020 | Back | Print

“India Hungary Dialogues” is an interview-based video series created by the Embassy of India to bring out salient aspects of India Hungary bilateral relations.

This video series, prepared in the format of a dialogue with accomplished Hungarian personalities and experts, covers fields such as politics, economy, education, science & technology, health, tourism, culture, yoga, etc. In each episode, the interview aims to bring out different elements that bind India and Hungary together and to make the general public aware of the significant work being undertaken in both countries to strengthen this partnership. For this, experienced researchers, professionals, etc., who have done extensive work in their respective fields have been selected to conduct these interviews with the guest personalities and to throw light on many important but perhaps yet unknown aspects of this vibrant and dynamic bilateral relationship.

“India Hungary Dialogues” is being launched on 18 November, 2020, the day of establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Hungary. Hon’ble Speaker of Hungarian National Assembly Mr. László Kövér will be inaugurating the interview series with Ambassador Kumar Tuhin during which both will engage in a riveting conversation. The series would be broadcast and disseminated on television as well as social media platforms in both Hungarian and English languages. The series would consist of twelve episodes which will be regularly released starting from 18 November 2020. The next episode will be on the topic of India Studies in Hungary and for which Dr. Gábor Sonkoly, Dean, Department of Humanities, ELTE University will be providing his insights.